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Born on September 19, 1987 at Long Island, NY as Philip John Fusco, Phil Fusco is a male model who has graced the covers of five publications (and counting), numerous underwear campaigns and magazine spreads and is one of the blogging community’s most talked about male model. He is also the lead writer and host of his lifestyle and fitness blog, PhilCity and his very own YouTube Channel.
Phil started his career at the age of 17, after being discovered by a talent scout on MySpace. His natural good looks and photogenic appeal was a magnet that caught the talent scout’s eyes and he was immediately offered a contract with the company after the first meeting. He soon began working with Brooklyn-based photographer Bill Terry for his debut images, which was immediately picked-up by agencies and other photographers, allowing him to book numerous photo shoots.
A proud Italian-American, Phil describes his family as very loud and in-loved with food, especially pasta. A dish, he says, that is always available at his house anytime!
House and techno are music for Phil’s ears and he has done some DJ gigs in his hometown of Long Island, working at clubs and special events. He does have his own mixes as well, which he hopes to share someday with his fans when the right opportunity comes.
Phil considers himself as a creative person – proof is that he edits some of his own images and videos, which he posts on his social media profiles. He graduated this year (2012) with a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing and Finance and was a recipient of an award for high achievement in his business classes.
Now that he can devote more time in his modeling and up and coming acting career, Phil works with MFM Studios to build his personal brand online and create an image that reflects his values and aspirations. His hope is to become a lifestyle and fitness expert that will help people live a better life and use it as a platform to showcase his communication skills.
You can contact Philip through MFM Studios by emailing them here.


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