Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just a report

Hey everyone

I thought I would just update you all on my life...

Today was a typical day, school/work/gym

I woke up had a little breakfast (powerbar muscle milk and some Cinnamon rolls) Not all at the same time ofcourse (spaced out between 3 hours)

I made my way to school for one of my classes, we watched a movie. I came home to work a little then went over the the gym, after about an hour I left and came home to do more work. I ate dinner (stuffed cabbage) did some homework, which leads me to this point where I am writing this.

It is now 1230 and I am about to goto bed

This Video was made by a fan

A little of whats coming up


Whats going on everyone
I am soo Busy ,, But here is a little preview for what is coming up

I have soo many great pictures for you all to check out

Stick around


I all hope you have been checking out my almost completed website

but just to refresh.... I have been on work related vacation last week leading into this week and I am leaving again this friday

I am going to try to put some updates out there before my leave (they will be nice)

So once again


I have good ones for you all

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Everyone

Just letting you know I am Leaving for Florida and Maryland for abut 2 Weeks, because of this updates will be scarce IM SORRY.. I will be back in NY for like a day or 2 in between those 2 trips in which case I will try to update as much as I possibly Can

Thanks everyone

Monday, March 23, 2009

One more thing

One more thing...

Because of request by some fans

I will be including stuff like my last post in every Post (a little "exerpt" about my life)

Right now I am writing, listening to electro (the techno song) on my Apple.. I love Music (hence the name DJPHIL) I also am a part time dj, I usto dj all the time, but because of modeling I had to limit that even though I love it soo much........

I have the turntables at my house that I fool around with when I am doing nothing, just because I cant get the DJing out of my blood. Its like somehting you get really addicted too..

Currently I am about to eat, Long day at the gym=Hungry Phil (lol)

I hope everyone has a good day and night

Hey Everyone... Got some new stuff for all of you

Hey everyone

My website is coming great... It will be done very soon... I do not know who has checked it but whoever has been on it latley will notice it is constantly changing..

I just want to talk about myself for a little here..

My day as well as my week has been soo crazy.. School/Modeling/ and working Gets SOO intense...
My day started like this..
Woke up then went on my way to school for 7 Hours, after wards i came home to goto the gym, called and talked to different people that I work with, and now I am writing all this for my loyal fans out there.. After this I haveto goto a bosses house to pick something up and finalize some things before my trip to florida this wednesday untill the 30th...

I want to thank everyone for there Support of me and there amazing loyalty to me.. It really means alot... Like i say "Stick Around" becuase I am constantly adding and working with this to try to make it as good as i can for everyone out there.. Keep the emails coming (i know sometimes it takes me a while to respond) but I try to get to everyones email. If for some reason I miss one, dont stop sending, send me 100 untill I respond because I will, Sometimes my life just gets a little on the busy side..

On a side hand other than all of this.. I would like to let you know about this Underwear I have been talking about and Wearing in ALL my videos and most of my pictures

Well.... Its called Score and its soo comfortable, I love it (It is comfortabe, but also it shows off what needs to be shown off if you all know what i mean)

But I worked with the company to get you all 50% off ANYTHING you order just type in my buddys name "Marcel" when you place the order

Try it out ,,, I like the boxer short underwears (so supportive) and the shirts I feel very muscular when I wear then, IDK why I think its the way its cut... But you guys will like it

check it out >>>>>>>>>>>SCORE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

One more thing before I leave
Vista Video.... There is all of my exclusive clips videos and pictures

Once again Just as always,, More pictures are coming soon to my blog

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey Everyone

Hey all, Just catching up to see how everyone is doing, I am working hard on all this, sometimes my time gets really limited and it makes a it a little difficult, but i am..
Basically I am writing this just to catch up with everyone and see how you all are doing, hoping all is well..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Heres a Couple more

!!!!!!!!!UPDATE AND ALOT MORE COMING!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone sorry for the long delay.. But Time has its great sacrafices at times.. Here are some new pictures and I have alot more coming

PLUS.. The new site is looking promising

Sunday, March 15, 2009


A Little preview.. More pictures to be posted tomorrow


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey everyone

Sorry for the lack up updates within the past week or so

The busyness of everyday life really caught up to me, So not to rant about that because I know its not that exciting

I am going to have more NEW pictures for you all to see within the next 2-3 days :-)

Possibly some video for you all too


Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hey everyone I have a surprise "in-store" for you all... You all will see it within a couple of days :)


Hey everyone here are some more pictures from Vista Video and Score Underwear and John Falocco(Three companies that I work with)

These pics just made it to OHLALA Mag

For more Images here is the link OHLALA

As for Now keep those emails coming

and I have ALOT more pictures and a Video coming up for you all to check out

Stick around

Hey Everyone


I have some really nice new pictures on their way.. I will be posting them to my blog very soon for you all to check out

So you know the deal

Stick around-------