Favorite Things
As you all know, I’m an Italian-American and a lot of us are usually loud (LOL!), but not always clear. This is my way of making myself clear ! Just like in my “Thank You” video, I hope to share some personal things with you – beyond modeling and my career.
Below is a list of some of my favorite things (just like Oprah, haha!). All of this I use regularly and especially for the Mac Laptop, important for me when blogging.
My favorite things? here goes:
1) my blackberry – for my constant tweeting & FBing (& it has been so awesome these last few days cause of your replies & mentions. those always make my day! woohooo!) ^_^
2) samsung galaxy tablet – i use this for my other internet surfing needs. like checking what’s new on PhilCity! larger view & easier reading ;-)
3) my PC – this is my source of livelihood. i do my dubbing (ADR) scripts using this (i am a dubbing director/writer/voice actor here in the Philippines). just to give you an idea – ADR scripts need to use a video of the material. i translate the original dialogues into Filipino and synch the lines into the lip/mouth movements of the actors.
4) my wardrobe – i’m kinda “fashionista” that’s why! hehehe
5) my (eye)shades – these prevent my eyes from squinting too often due to the intense sun rays. (also additional fashion flare. haha)


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