Above these are pictures after my haircut 
Below are pictures before my haircut (still recent withing a weeks time)

Hey watsup everyone.
This is my first post for my blog, so I will just talk about what motivates me.
Things that Motivate me..... 
Well for one, if you know me you know I love the gym. When I am not working or traveling, I can be found in the gym. I try my best to go atleast 3-4 times per week, targeting every body part that is located on the Human body lol. 
The way that I do this-- AND I WANT EVERYBODY TO LISTEN UP
 Even when I DONT want to goto the gym (This is the mistake everybody makes) I make myself go. Most people will no goto the gym because they are tired, hungover, or just lazy and feel they can miss a day. The truth to be told, Make yourself go, and no matter what you feel, I promise you will feel better and more satisfactory about yourself after.
Thanks for reading, everyone.. ENJOY THE PICTURES (please lol) and For some workout advice (Diet, plan, motivation, ranting) just contact me and I will be glad help


Thunder Boy said…
ABOUT THE HAIR... I gotta say I like on you when the're a little long or short & very classy (like in the 50's); to me the best hair cut is for the photoshoot of TOMMY SYNNAMON.
Anonymous said…
I made it through all of the blogs - what a trip - you are awesome and have been sexy from the very beginning, and have grown through the progression of the the pictures in the blog. I have printed many for my own photo binder. My only suggestion would be a classic leather shoot somewhere with a leather accomplished photographer. Continue to be your awesome self and treat your fans with respect - especially ME. lol --- bill
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for all the pictures, your so hot!

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