Now this is an Old picture a Fan discovered Printed in a Magazine for a nutrition Article

The second Picture is by Hans F


Anonymous said…

That rocks that one of your older photos showed up in an article like that and I bet it feels great to see stuff like this happen. Both the older photo and the new Photo by Hans is excellent, you are just so adorably cute, it puts a smile on my face from ear to ear LOL

James said…
thanks for both pictures! I like the one in the magazine - beautiful view of your torso. I always enjoy the double view pictures where we can see both sides at once. In a group I am in we debate your qualities! You have a lot of fans, Phil!

BL said…
Really excellent, Phil. My neighbor and his wife are beekeepers! So we get honey from our own block!!
BL said…
Really excellent, Phil. My neighbor and his wife are beekeepers! So we get honey from our own block!!
SirPercy said…
dear goodness wow... thanks for sharing! love the second pic, man.
Kevin S said…
You do great work Phil. I look forward to seeing more in the future.
The second one is really impresive, the wholde idea and the view of your back are great
Incredible cute D:
Anonymous said…
Phil, I'm a big fan. Really happy to find your site.
Anonymous said…
Hey - Really a hot picture, your skin tones and the mirror immage are just perfect. Love it - bill
Ada said…
You are -- a hot blogger.
Anonymous said…
How have you been?
I have not opened this page for a while b/c out of town.
Are you traveling now too?
Last update was Oct 2nd.
I know that you are busy everyday.
I hope not you are sick again.
We love you.

PaJa said…
Just stick around, as always and adore ur work!
Ur the best!
PaJa said…
We miss u Phil!
Jay said…
Hey Phil,
We love you and respect you and your work, you are one of the greatest fitness model right now, so don't worried your true fans appreciate everything what you doing and they have patience and don't come just for your updates!
Good luck with school!
Anonymous said…
Thiago said…

Muchas gracias por tu ayuda, cari... Que buen blog, no? Lástima que ya no postees...! También veo que hablas muy bien castellano, genial.

Muchos bezos.

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