Chip said…
More stunning photos of Phil..

Phil your simply the best!!!
Valentino said…
Phil, really hot photos! Loving the sea and the way you stand in the seaside: powerful, sexy and estremely good-looking. The look in your eyes is a light that shines everywhere, pure magic. Your body is... wow! And CK underwear make you irresistible -well, maybe I should say that is your huge bulge to make CK underwear irresistible:)
Anonymous said…
everything you do is special Phil! I adore you,and many, many others too. And i'm sure you'll make it even bigger!!
Anonymous said…
awesome pics
hey phil r u gay cause ur way too hot to be straight.

BTW you hav the most beautiful eyes ever
dude said…
finally i found your official site, i got a photo collections of you. all your shots and are done in good taste and artistic way. and those photos that are not posted here showing everything of you in full glory, are really amazing.... got them all also. :-)
more power!!!

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