Hey everyone keep checking my blog every day as you might get surprises. But starting monday I will be releasing the old pics I promised little by little, and top gun work, as well as more shoots as im getting back more into modeling as school is almost over for the semester for me


Anonymous said…






Why so many sites? Some don' even work, others are not kept up, and the others tell us very little with more promises than actual posts.

If there's not time to keep all these sited up to date, why bother with them?

To be honest, there are other sites about you that seem to do a better job of posting than you do.

Seems to me that we should getting information and new pictures from "Phils Spot" BEFORE they start popping up all over place.

I know you are a very busy person. Maybe you have taken on to much on the internet.

Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said…
where the HELLLLLLL are you...... thats not fair
Anonymous said…
i have seen only one full frontal nude pic of your. now i want to see more. hope you do it. a photo of your erection.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
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