Hey Everyone

Hey everyone i am sooo sick :(


PaJa said…
Hey Phil,
U have 03Days:14Hours:44Minutes:31Seconds to get better, I think is fair enough LOL
... but without joke, get soon better buddy!
Anonymous said…
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Take Care, Hank
Anonymous said…
Ohh Philip, I am sooo sorry to hear that, I hope you start feeling better very soon! My thought and prayers are with you!

Kevin said…
Sorry to hear you're sick. All my best to a speedy recovery. Feel better real soon. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Hey - You can't be sick, it is about birthday time, working too hard? Hope the studies are going well. Don't let them get behind. I have been on the Socialite site tonite checking out your pics from last Feb. They were hot, but you have matured so much since then. Hope you don't have the M1 N1 flu. We don't like to call it swine flu in Iowa. Your birthday box should be arriving shortly, and if there is a stray pair of socks in there it was a mistake. I was doing laundry when I was packing the box and I think they may have gotten in there by mistake. Whatever the case I can't find them, so just throw them away. Hope you feel better tomorrow. Hate to think of you "sick". Take care. lol Bill
mysterious girl said…
oh dear you again sick get well soon phil
mysterious girl said…
oh dear you again sick get well soon phil
SirPercy said…
sorry about that man! i know how you might feel, i was very very sick for pretty much the first 5 months of this year, just constantly run-down and susceptible to everything. feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
I hope you got my previous comment and hope you are feeling better this a.m. bill
Anonymous said…
Are you ok ?
what happened?
Its your birthday , I am sorry to hear that!
Sleep tight, eat well and don't touch those weight until you fully recover. Take some vitamin c, zinc and l-lysine with lost of water.
Hope to hear u getting better soon.
Anonymous said…

Feel better soon, we nned you up and about for your Birthday!!!

horne said…

Don't let the stress of work and school get to you. I hope you feel better soon, so you can enjoy your birthday. Take Care.
tomorrow is your birthday!!!!!
I hope your feeling way better now, i send you a hug!!!
This is the first time i post in here but i been amazed by your pictures for a long time no xD
I hope i can give you something for birthday.....i really want to draw you but its too late to do it a birthday gift lol
Anonymous said…

I just came back from Peru to visit my Japanese friend.
Now you are very sick.
You have been very busy for shooting the pictures in the summer time.
Please rest well.
Forget about your birthday now.
You can celebrate after you get well.
We all wish you get well soon.
And we love you very much.


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