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Anonymous said…
WOW Phil, these photos are just plain amazing and ohh so sexy of you. You are by far the most Breathtaking man I have ever seen!!

Thank you for this post, Keep rocking the Modeling world!!

Anonymous said…

Who would not want to stick around?
These photos prove just how much the camera loves you. Your are just awesome in these photos.

Anonymous said…
Hot pictures Phil, why don't you just take those briefs off - although just the tease turns me on, let alone that sexy body of yours. - bill
Anonymous said…
Man these are great, but I wanted to tell you on the e-mail address, and it is GONE. GONE forever????????? bill
Kevin said…
Hey Philip

I'm a long time admirer, first time commenter.

I've been visiting your fitness site which is really helpful.

I'm about to get back to a gym routine after being out of it (due to illness) for SO long.

Thanks for being such a great (and gorgeous) inspiration!
Anonymous said…
Hey Phil; What is it you are wearing around you neck that drops down perfectly between your pecs. A very cool piece of jewlery and maybe I need one - bill
James said…
Phil, these pictures are extremely sensual. From you face, following the pendant, along the trail down to what we cannot see we are just pulled along. Oh wow, fantastic pictures.

Chip said the camera loves you. I think we all do! And we will all stick around for your pictures that tease us for more....

Anonymous said…
hey philip!

first time i visited this site of yours, & i already spent hours coz i can't keep my sight off your gorgeousness.

keep up the wonderful works! you really are an amazing, stunning, sensual model. & really generous to us wanting to see more of your flesh. hehe.

you are beyond amazing. i think i'm falling...ahhhhhhhhhhh :-)

from the Philippines
Marcel. said…
Wow Phil, you looks so hot and sexy! I like it!!

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