Hey Everyone

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well :)

In response to some of the comments I have good news.. My hair is Continuing to grow back and it is almost there.. I have a couple of shoots lined up which will have pictures with Hair

So like I say Stick around

There is more to come


Chip said…

Thanks for the update!!!!
Anonymous said…
cant wait to see it................. luv ya

A1 fan
Yang said…

I write this to encourage you. I am one of your great many fans from China.

Several days ago I post some of your new pics at a website in my country. (I am sorry I haven't got your permission ,though.) I did it because I think it's a good thing to share beauty around. To my surprise, when I checked it a week later, I found hundreds of feedbacks. Many people admire those pictures. Some said that you were the most beautiful man they had ever seen. And I think it must be easy to found your fan club in China because there are so many people loving you.

I am sure you have many fans in America, too. But if some day you wanna try something new a little bit, coming to Asia is a good choice. You already have a huge fan base here. In there minds, including me, you're a superstar. So please make efforts and you'll be big.

Wish you healthy and happy!
PHILIP said…
Hey yang

thanks for getting back to me with this amazing info.. i love it

this message definently encourages me alot :)

you dont need permission to publish me pictures, i take it as a great gesture

you are a great person and fan for this

Yang said…

I didn't think I could get a reply from you. That makes me feel very excited. Thanks a lot.

Your politeness and easy-going personality will win more fans for you. I'm 100% sure of that.

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