New Images by Jade


Anonymous said…
These are nice, but (if i'm honest) the new crop of photos for 2010 aren't up to the standards of previous photos. I'm disappointed more in the photographers that just don't seem to be giving you justice in their work. In most cases (with the new photos) the angle and expression on your face are not capturing your real beauty. Case in point....the 2nd photo in the blue CK's. And why so angry looking in so many of the new pics?

Even so, it's always exciting when you post new material. You are the best and will always be #1 in my book.
Chip said…

Your looking better and better!!!

Just Awesome!!!!!
PHILIP said…
Hey For the first comment.. Thank you for that constructive critisism, i actually just did a shoot alot more happy and smiling and those pictures will be out very soon, i hope that helps



and chip
thanks alot my good fan

you are awesome
Anonymous said…
seriously i think those are ur best photos..... especially the 1st two. i m in love with the 1st two photos, you are so gooooood lookin.
please post more pics like these u look soooooooooo awesum.
luv ya bye
Anonymous said…
Responding for the first comment ...... I don't think you look angry on that pics, sometimes to be a model, you have to play the role and deliver the "masage" of the picture to the reader / viewer,

and personally ...... I love your expression in every single picture of you .

Hey ..... You look so chic on red .

Jeff said…
It seems that those photographers kept asking you to be thiner and thiner. Yes, the photos looks more fashionable. But it is just not the philip we knew. For me, your shining smile and sexy innocence are the the most attractive.
But I still wish you could be big in your modeling career. So contradictory myself.
Above all, best wishes!
Chip said…

Thanks for the kind words.
Anonymous said…
The blue Calvins are so hot and what is in them is beautiful, as are you. What great lighting. YOu have had many moods in pics over the years and this is just another one of your character studies. Been a fan for a long time and really would like to meet you, or watch a shoot sometime. Probably impossible. An old fan - Bill
Atntonio. said…
Absolutely amazing!! Phil.

The best pics of 2010, very artistic and expresive great great shot phil.You are a BIG model one of the best.
Antonio Rueda said…
For while modeling for D&G, Gucci, Armani, Gaultier ... you are the best Phil. The last pics are absolutely superbe.

Anonymous said…
hey sexy guy........ i m a big fan, these pics are fabulous but plz shave ur arm pits they never look good. u r so dreamy.... wish i was that good lookin

love ya
A1 fan
Anonymous said…
Dear A1 Fan,

I am happy you are such a big fan of Phil's but I just could not pass up replying to your comment about Phil shaving his underarm hair. I think that is an absolutely horrible idea and I was very surprised to read what you said. I know this is your opinion and you are very entitled to it however I feel just the opposite here.

I feel that Phil's underarm hair not to mention the rest of his body hair is exceptional and just the perfect amount. I think his underarm hair adds wonderfully to his photos especially the ones where his arms are raised above his head like the photo in blue shorts. I would hate to see him shave them and I also feel most of his loyal fans feel the same as I do in this area. One thing that makes Phil stand out in my opinion is that he truly has a manly body, full of muscles and the right amount body hair that gives him that rugged hunky look yet his face is just strikingly beautiful and he is one of the pretties men i the world. The combination is breathtaking if you ask me. SO I say.. NO to shaving 100%!!

Rebjames said…
I love these underwear pictures, especially the one in the blue...You are continuing to do awesome work... thanks
Chip said…
I would loved to see photos of Phil when he is not completely shaven!!!!
Musclefits said…
hey, nice hair. look good on you
Chip said…

I agree with you 100 percent!!!!

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