Hey everyone

Well just to let you all know.. I have a whole lot of pictures coming up and I have been working on a little video with a videographer in the NY area.

But a little about my day and life so far

Today April 26th started like this

I woke up had a nice breakfast which consisted of a couple of Belgium waffles some eggs and fruit, ate it outside on the patio in this 87 degree weather (finally the summer is here(or almost atleast))... After that breakfast I came home relaxed for a little wrote some emails and checked out my blog and website. After all of that I headed over to the gym for about an hour targeting my chest and legs (I know its a random combination) but I enjoyed it lol.. As of now at 3:55 pm I am sitting around updating the blog drinking a Muscle Milk. For the rest of the day My plans are pretty simple, I will work on some school work (marketing/advertsing project) eat some dinner and probably watch some tv.. I know its such a nice day (to nice to pass up) but I need to get this done.. If possible I will go outside and just enjoy this amazing weather...


Walt said…
Hey Phil - With the exception of the chest & leg workout your day sounds a lot like mine. Trouble is, even if I followed your workout routine, there's no way I'd ever have a body like yours:-(

Any way, I mostly wanted to tell you that I saw the David Vance pic of you (with the black & white muscle shirt, black ES briefs with the lime green leg openings suspended in front of the white circle) on your web site. It is spectacular! The expression on your face along with the softness of your hair is what got me the most. You never cease to amaze me.

A loyal fan.

PHILIP said…
Hey walt

thanks alot

your support means alot to me
Anonymous said…
Hiya Phil,

That day sound very relaxing and what I imagine you doing on a sunday in April LOL and I agree Walt. I could go to the Gym 5 days a week for hours and still never look even close to Phil's total Hottness. Phil you are Simply Beautiful from head to toe.

Your loyal fan
PaJa said…
I bet u think Chocolate protein drink...
hope u was enjoyed the nice weather and the upcoming summer,
Anonymous said…
it wouldddd have been nice if you gave credit to the person who cooked you the food! and the people you ate it with loser =)
PHILIP said…

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