Hey everyone Just letting you all know i have 2 more updates on their way with will contain a good amount of nice pictures for everyone.....

I just once again want to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity with my and my blog..

So I bet everyone is doing good, I am sitting around the house watching the perfect storm on tv..


PaJa said…
Thanks for u Phil to share ur life with us,
happy happy happy Easter buddy, enjoy and have fun what ever u doing,
and well... keep busy, because on this way we get more wonderful pictures from u.
Big Hugs Buddy!
Anonymous said…
Phil: Happy Easter, I just bought the EMO mag with you on the cover. Nice workout set with your pics. Just wish they had mentioned your name ! Thanks for all the blog updates, keep the pics coming,

A Fan
Anonymous said…
Happy Easter to you Phil. I wish you all the best!!

PaJa said…
Have a wonderful Easter one more, enjoy and have a lot of fun, big hugs my friend!

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