PaJa said…
Yes, yes Phil is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack,

And more shine as ever! Amazing!

Big Hugs Buddy!
Gordon said…
I specially like the pic this time with the patterned shirt - shows long bis and nice pecs.

Sorry about getting exercised at the music on your website. I did not mind the music on this blog, it is less raucous and the player is easy to find (though it could be nearer the top).

So far I have 150 jpgs of you to enjoy (all different) thank you.
Anonymous said…
Phil, awesome pics. The first one is simply gorgeous of you sitting back along the wall. You certainly have a gift my friend!

David said…
What can I say but that you are gorgeous Phil. Thanks for sharing your great body with us and for all the time you give to keeping it beautiful!

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