Monday, March 23, 2009

One more thing

One more thing...

Because of request by some fans

I will be including stuff like my last post in every Post (a little "exerpt" about my life)

Right now I am writing, listening to electro (the techno song) on my Apple.. I love Music (hence the name DJPHIL) I also am a part time dj, I usto dj all the time, but because of modeling I had to limit that even though I love it soo much........

I have the turntables at my house that I fool around with when I am doing nothing, just because I cant get the DJing out of my blood. Its like somehting you get really addicted too..

Currently I am about to eat, Long day at the gym=Hungry Phil (lol)

I hope everyone has a good day and night


call.the.shots said...

it's nice to start to sorta know the real Phil such as the dj'ing part. = ). stay hot stud.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome, Phil --- keep the updates coming - we love to find out more about you - the more you tell us, the more we love you! Rick

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil, I agree, it is nice to start to get to know the real you, this is nice that you post things about your life now. I bet you have some great friends (Wink). Keep going, we love the blog!


Hungary Boy said...

teljesen kivagyok ettől a pasitól! Nehéz szebbet találni :-)

Hungary Boy said...

imádlak! A legszebb férfi vagy! :-)