Hey Everyone... Got some new stuff for all of you

Hey everyone

My website is coming great... It will be done very soon... I do not know who has checked it but whoever has been on it latley will notice it is constantly changing..

I just want to talk about myself for a little here..

My day as well as my week has been soo crazy.. School/Modeling/ and working Gets SOO intense...
My day started like this..
Woke up then went on my way to school for 7 Hours, after wards i came home to goto the gym, called and talked to different people that I work with, and now I am writing all this for my loyal fans out there.. After this I haveto goto a bosses house to pick something up and finalize some things before my trip to florida this wednesday untill the 30th...

I want to thank everyone for there Support of me and there amazing loyalty to me.. It really means alot... Like i say "Stick Around" becuase I am constantly adding and working with this to try to make it as good as i can for everyone out there.. Keep the emails coming (i know sometimes it takes me a while to respond) but I try to get to everyones email. If for some reason I miss one, dont stop sending, send me 100 untill I respond because I will, Sometimes my life just gets a little on the busy side..

On a side hand other than all of this.. I would like to let you know about this Underwear I have been talking about and Wearing in ALL my videos and most of my pictures

Well.... Its called Score and its soo comfortable, I love it (It is comfortabe, but also it shows off what needs to be shown off if you all know what i mean)

But I worked with the company to get you all 50% off ANYTHING you order just type in my buddys name "Marcel" when you place the order

Try it out ,,, I like the boxer short underwears (so supportive) and the shirts I feel very muscular when I wear then, IDK why I think its the way its cut... But you guys will like it

check it out >>>>>>>>>>>SCORE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

One more thing before I leave
Vista Video.... There is all of my exclusive clips videos and pictures

Once again Just as always,, More pictures are coming soon to my blog


call.the.shots said…
so i like this post. it definitely shows that there's a personality behind those sexy ass pics. I'm sure u get compliments all the time, cuz every damn part of ur body is to die for. but ur eyes are really pretty. one thing though, i've done some modeling myself, not fitness, more fashion/commercial print modeling, but i do think u should vary ur faces and poses a bit more. it's hard for u to take a bad pic, but a lot of them look the same, just different background and setting.
PaJa said…
so are you here!

this is so cool!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Humm, I disagree with call.the.shot. on this one although he is certainly entitled to his opinion. I have seen many photos of you Phil and I see a large variety in your poses and shots. I think you have a nice diverse range. However, I do agree with call.the.shot with regards to your Body is to die for and I could get lost in those beautiful eyes of yours. Keep those post coming and have fun in Florida, we will be here when you get back Phil!

PaJa said…
hey dj Phil
can you this song?
2be strong - together

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