PaJa said…
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T-Rex-Maximus said…
Oh Man!

Thanks for sharing, thats a Great Site, cute design a ... hope it gets enriched soon, membership etc ;)

All my best
Anonymous said…
great website. I wish u the best of luck. You seem hardworking, which I admire. Where in Maryland will u be in?
Scot said…
Nice website, great pictures!
How do I register to get authorization to view your portfolio?
PaJa said…
Yes in did,
cute website for an amazing cute guy,
gorgeous both!
Scot said…
Saw your David Vance photos. They're amazing! Such beautiful studies of shadow and light. Very well done indeed. I'm looking forward to his book hitting our shores.
Keep up the good work.
By the way, what are you studying in school?
PaJa said…
Of course everybody love the David Vance pictures, u know why,
But now some new sexy pictures to find at the website video stills from Phils Bedroom Vista Video,
Wow… this is pass HOT!
Great website Phil :)

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