Hey everyone

Sorry for the lack up updates within the past week or so

The busyness of everyday life really caught up to me, So not to rant about that because I know its not that exciting

I am going to have more NEW pictures for you all to see within the next 2-3 days :-)

Possibly some video for you all too



PaJa said…
We are patient, and stick around as you ask, this is some kind of exciting :)!!!
Thunder Boy said…
I like your blog so I put a banner on my "hot boys" blog! Do you think you could put a banner of mine here?!
Anonymous said…
Hiya Phil,

Your loyal fans will be here waiting so no worries, we understand real life can get crazy at times. Post when you can. Thanks!

PaJa said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
PaJa said…
Not good...
The latest weeks I stick around here more as by my own site, :)
anyway big hugs

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