These pics just made it to OHLALA Mag

For more Images here is the link OHLALA

As for Now keep those emails coming

and I have ALOT more pictures and a Video coming up for you all to check out

Stick around


Steve said…
PaJa said…
I’m just dazed, to much for my eyes!
Scot said…
These pictures of you are stunning. Very nicely done. Hopefully you'll be able to post them without the ridiclous oh lala mark that alex and steph seem to put on everybody's else's work. I'd like to see their beauty the way it was meant to be seen.
Once again, very nicely done!
Anonymous said…
Phil, like I said before, this is my favorite photo set of you. You are just Beautiful in them.. Simply Amazing shots.

PaJa said…
I just com back to take one more look, or would it say stick around, because they are so incredible nice... bay the way same time you post this pictures by chance asked me Thomas Synnamon by MySpace, funny isn't not.
Such a great photograph!
Have a great day!

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