Hey everyone

Hey everyone I have a bunch of really good new pictures coming out within a day or two... You are all going to love these pics.....

And I also have a video coming out from a photoshoot of myne.....

So "Stick Around"

My birthday is coming soon :) September 19th :) :)

I hope everyone is doing well, as I dont have to many complaints today, Just got some work done, worked out a little, and then came home to type this up, and work on some stuff for upcoming releases "Stick Around"


Anonymous said…
Sounds Great Phil!!

I can't wait to see more photos and videos from my all-time favorite male model!

WooHoo for your Birthday iscoming up!!! I think all your loyal and loving fans should really plan on doing something nice for you and perhaps get you something from your wish list. Everyone has plenty of time to save up abit to give you a nice Birthday this year as you always do so much for all of us.

Look for my gift when it gets closer to your Birthday Phil!!

Your fan for life
PHILIP said…
:) :) thank you i really appreciate this

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