PaJa said…
Hey Phil,
Love ur hair at the last time, looks very great, of course amazing picture too... but that's not news!
Anonymous said…
Phil, this photo is just beautiful, and a very nice pose. You have come such a long way since I first started following your modeling career. I look forward to seeing where this takes you.

James said…
oh wow, Phil
this is a fantastic picture.
brings out your eyes beautifully.
You keep getting hotter ... better,and that amazes me.
horne said…
Even though I really like this picture, I was wondering what happened to the other picture with you sitting in the chair facing forward. That picture was just as hot as this one, although in this one, your eyes...damn!! those eyes of yours are so mesmorizing.
Anonymous said…
Hey - So nice - these other guys said great things, I hope they feel the same way. I'm gonna take this shot to bed with me. lol-Bill

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