Just an update for now but alot more to come so "Stick Around"


Kevin said…
Fantastic shots! I really like the facial hair.
Chip said…

Your recent photo updates have proven just how formidable a person you are.

Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

Walt said…
All the Michael Thomas pictures are absolutely wonderful. He is a master at capturing Philip at his best, and these pictures are some of the best. Amazing photography of an amazing body and face. What a feast for the eyes. Thanks Phil. You'll always be #1 in my book.

James said…
You and M. Thomas seem to be a great team. He catches your beauty.
Question, however. How come you do not smile in your pictures more often? I have seen your smile and think it is great. Is there a reason for the more 'serious' or thoughtful look? OK, two questions, but just wondering...


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