Update 2 for now but more to come

Stick around for upcoming video


Anonymous said…

These photos bring a tear to my eye they are so beautiful of you. You simply are the most Gorgeous man in the world. Your eyes in the black & white photo of you just makes my heart melt.... Wow I really had a Homo moment there didn't I :)

PaJa said…

Always amazing, beautiful and sexy professional pictures, the camera love u!

Not matter in which hand is!

And definitely they are the most beautiful eyes ever!
James said…
Your eyes, as always, melt my heart...You are a beautiful guy, Phil, and you know how to show it well. Oh, I just noticed Kurt said about the same thing as I, but I agree with his sentiments completely.
Keep up the great work!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Philip-san,

How have you been?
We came back from the farewell ceremony in Yosemite National Park yesterday. It is the beautiful place you should take your pictures someday.
Oh,Thank you for your pictures here again.
If it is possible I would like to see your 18,19,20 years' old pictures here.
I am sure you were so beautiful young man.



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