Hey everyone

I just want to update everyone on my status..

Things are soo busy over here, I dont even have time to update my wishlist lol.. But you will all like the work that comes out of all of this work, I promise, but everything is okay and pretty fun..

Once again I just want to thank everyone for being soo supportive and helpful too me


Anonymous said…

I am glad things are going well and you are having fun in California. I had no doubt that the work you are producing out there will be nothing short of Amazing as everything you do is simply Amazing. I can't wait to see all of the shots and locations. Just make sure to try and take alittle time for yourself also while you are out west. God bless and stay safe.

Your Fan for life
Anonymous said…
I am flabbergasted with your spot, and u. Have been a fan for some time about ayear and one half. Beautiful work from beautiful subject material. Hope to be able to support you with a wish list item soon. Just found the blog, hope I haven't missed much. Got to hit the hay now, Iowa mornings come so early, maybe the dreams will be hot. I am rici

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