Small Update for now


Walt said…
I'm out of words to let you know how much I love your pics and you. You are truly amazing.

James said…
the picture with the mesh undies and black jacket is HOT. Great picture, and thanks for posting it!
A K I S said…
Thoroughly enjoyed my first visit here!

Very nice!

Kisses from Athens, Greece!

Danny said…
Great images as always! Have to agree with James about my favourite pic!
Gonzalo said…
Amazing pictures, Philip! Congratulations for the gorgeous body you have. I'd love to ask you for some training advice!
Victoria said…
My Favourite one out of this bunch is the one with the grey vest/ hot hot!!!

Phil u are the hottest male model in the whole world..ur so photogenic and ur body is perfection

mwa mwa
zomboyco said…
oh man, these are hot photos. You are doing great Phil!!!

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