Update 3


Walt said…

I so look forward to every new update, every new picture, every new pose, and I am never disappointed. It's hard to know what to say anymore except thank you and I love you. You are truly a good and beautiful person that deserves all the best that life has to offer.

Just one of your (many) devoted fans,

Anonymous said…
Phil, I love all these photos here. Very nice indeed. I love the first photo with you holding the gold Ball and the look you have on your Beautiful face. This was a really excellent photo shoot in my opinion and I would love to see more of this style in the future. Keep ROCKING the modeling world Phil!

PaJa® said…
this new pictures from Go Figure Photography are amazing, hot, sexy and fashionable, great mix from this things!
Have a relaxed weekend!
Dex said…
I love the pic on the very top of the post, where you were holding a ball. That was a really nice shot. May I know which magazines do u always get featured in?

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