Small Update now.. More in the future


Anonymous said…
Ohh Phil I love this shot! something totally different from you. I want to see more LOL

zomboyco said…
Wow. Phil another great photo. Cute haircut. You look great but I also like the longer-on-top look you had before.
Walt said…
A three piece suite, a pair of jeans, some sexy underwear, a hooded sweat, etc. If I were a designer I would surely want you modeling my line. You have proven over and over that you are the very best.

Of course all your fans here at Phils Spot have always known that.

mysterious girl said…
hi my sweet friend wow love your all new pics but your hair is now so short pikes suits you a lot this one is cute though keep up the good work i am in love with your new upload your suiting one pics too if u have like that black suit one that pic is just awesome xx
Anonymous said…
Hi, Philip,
I am writing the letter to my friend in Japan. I see somebody I know in the TV. Which is "Maury Show". It is you, Philip, isn;t it?
You are as a beach boy with red swim suit.
Very handsome, sexy man as your pictures here.
Are you dften attend the TV show?
If you do so, please let us know the show schedules.
Oh, I am lucky to see you today.
Thank You.


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