The updates just keep coming

Hey everyone I am going to be leaving for a 4 week photoshoot in florida and california, so starting next week the updates will be very scarce as I will be working on things for Vista, Score, and My portfolio.....

There will be one update before I leave So stick around for the next...


Anonymous said…
Yet another amazing post with more Gorgeous photos of you Philip. I agree with what Walt said afew comments ago. It gets hard to not repeat yourself when giving feedback on how Beautiful you truly are to me yet I will do my best to keep my comments fresh. Just know that you are my favorite male model and you will be for life. I am a devouted fan till the end.

Walt said…

Four weeks? That's great for you, and eventually for us, but four weeks? Whatever are we going to do without our regular updates. Withdrawal is no fun, you know (lol). All kidding aside, have a great trip, have some fun between all the photo shoots, and bring us back lots of wonderful new pics.

I'm missing you already.

James said…
I am going to miss you. Just hope you will reward us with lots of pics of you when you get done. I love this set of pics again, especially the middle one. Very Hot!
Anonymous said…
You and your updates will be missed. Great additions!
Anonymous said…

Will you be in California?
San Francisco? Or Los Angeles?
If I see you in Los Angeles I will say " Konnichiwa " in Japanese.
It will be me. Anyway have a
nice trip for four weeks.

mysterious girl said…
ahhhhhhh i am loving it your new pics especially your that hoodie one white ahhhh oh i am gonna miss u dear muah cya soon take ur very good care

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