These two pictues taken by Scott Hoover...

More are coming so keep sticking around


PaJa said…
My favorite pictures are form u taken by Scott Hoover... u are everywhere on the net, congratulation, i'm really happy for u!
James said…
I love these two pictures. I always love close up pictures of your face, and the one showing the pubic is just plain enticing! Fantastic pictures, Phil.
Walt said…
All the Scott Hoover pictures are great. I especially like the close ups. Those eyes......wow! I'm hoping there are more Scott Hoover pictures coming.

You are the best.

Anonymous said…
Hey Phil,

I love the work you did with Scott Hoover, just Incredible. The first photo will be on my desk top when I get home from the office you can be sure. Your work just continues to increase in every aspect if that is possible, yet you do it. Thank you for the post!

Anonymous said…
" Sutekidayo " Philip-san,

I love Mr.Hoover's work too.
I know that he is working in L.A and very famous.
One of my friends was working with him too. My friend liked Mr. Hoover's job too.
He is very good espacially men's pictures.
You look so great ofcause. We always love you.

Danny said…
Lost for words again - especially with the second pic. Abs, apollo's belt, and a bit of teasing. Just perfect!
Marcel. said…
Phil looks great as always! A perfect body. Its Amazing!!

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