Here is a piece of work made by a fan


Anonymous said…
ARIGATOU for somebody who made these pictures of Philip.
I enjoy this Philip's sweet, handsome faces very much.
Let's wish Philip's good luck and succcess life together.
Anonymous said…
This is very nice indeed and goes to show just how incredibly beautiful Philip is. A very nice piece of artwork to showcase the Gorgeous face of our beloved model Philip Fusco. Bravo!!

SirPercy said…
hey phil, just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for being a modest, down-to-earth guy. i know you've probably got a little bit of an ego (i mean, most guys who look like you do...) but it really doesn't show that much. what we see if a guy who loves what he does, and is enthusiastic about sharing his work with his fans.

as i get older, (and by old i mean mid-twenties) i realize the value of modesty and moderation. thanks for not compromising, and not doing full nude shots/porn. you're a wonderful young man, don't let anyone talk you into it.

all the best, kiddo.
mysterious girl said…
wow love ur all new pics you looking so handsome and i like that collage too :)soon i will make one too ..i like your few pics in collage so much but i can't see in ur bog those pics one in orange shirt nd one in black top..upload those pics too in ur blog

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