Hey all

Hey everyone on a side note I just figure out a way so I can keep phil4u.net updated almost constantley and ofcourse like always Phil4u.blogspot.com will be updated at the the same speed almost regularly.

And now for the exciting new of the day..

Some AMAZING pictures, totally new style coming TONIGHT...
And a Video by Hans Farhymer.. With some exclusive pictures in the video...

So you all know the deal

"Stick around"

And now for an update on my day. Its 12 noon and I am sitting on my couch about to eat a little something watching a good movie (dangerous minds), then to make my way to a photoshoot in a couple of hours..

Ill be back tonight for the update..


Anonymous said…
Hey Phil!

That sounds great aboutt he updates and the Exclusive photos and Video coming our way. I can't wait to see them and watch the Video! Have fun on your photo shoot today also!


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