Photography taken by
Karl Simone Photography


Anonymous said…

Lovely as ever man. You just can't take a bad photo can you LOL. I love the lighting on these photos also. Leave just enough to the imagination if you ask me. Well keep rocking the modeling world Phil, I am "Sticking around" for life!

Your loyal subject
Walt said…

Wow! I really like these Karl Simone pics. He has captured your body perfectly. I agree with Kurt about the lighting. It really shows how magnificent your chest, abs & V are. Wow! I really like these pics (oh, I already said that, didn't I).

Stick around? How can we not! You're the best.

Danny said…
Some great images coming through lately. Got to agree with Kurt, I don't think I've found a bad photo of you yet!.

Will get around to capturing you in a drawing at some point - these pics from Karl are exactly my style.

Can't wait for the new set from Hans.
PHILIP said…
Hey guys thanks alot

you all know i love these comments they just help me keep goin... :)

keep em coming
Victoria said…
My favourite is the black and white..ur body looks incredible..like kurt said i dont think its possible for you to take a bad picture..

x x x x

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