Hey Everyone

Hey hows it going everyone..

So today it is pouring and I just got back from the mall doing some mothers day shopping. Talk about craziness, the mall was packed beyone belief. So now I am just sitting here watchin ESPN kicken back.

On a side note, my week was pretty good, went to the gym alot and pretty much almost finished up with this year of school. It is just time now to prep for the "FUN" (not) Finals, and other than that I was just at the gym alot this week. I think I have been there almost every day for about and hour and 15 minutes per day. So I a happy with that

More pics are coming everyone



Anonymous said…
Sounds good to me Philip, keep those gorgeous muscles pumping for all your fans. Good luck this week with finals!! See ya at the next post!

PaJa said…
My Friend,
Congratulation for DNA, great... u looks amazing, but that is not a news!

PaJa said…
Hey my friend,
Almost forget...
Have fun with ur mom at mothers day!
Chuwasen said…
Best wishs to you.

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