More Kitchen Updates to come


Anonymous said…
Hi, Philip,
I am a fan of you since I found your pictures.
I just came from Japan and live in Studio City now.
You are so gorgeous as everybody says. No tattoo is very clean looking image. I like that too. It will bring you bright future in the show business soon. Maybe I will see you in my town as many movie, TV stars soon.
Anonymous said…
Hiya Phil!

Lovely new photos, I love the first two alot! The sign of a truely Great model is taking a fully clothed photo and remaining as Hot as ever in it. You are in a word.. Perfect. Dont get me wrong though, the underwear photos are amazing also (Winks)

Walt said…

I said it with the kitchen pics and I'll say it again - You and Hans are a dynamite combination for sensuality (the underwear pics).

The other two pics....... super! It's nice to see you with cloths on too. How come the rest of us don't look like that in a pair of jeans and a T (lol).

Anonymous said…
I really like your pictures which you wear more clothes --- so innocent, endearing, and lovely!!!

When you are nearly naked, you are so sexy, enchanting, and fantastic....

In fact, I hope that you will be a wonderful model with a lot of clothes in the future! ^_^

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