Hey everyone

I just want to inform all of you there will be more pictures on the way soon.. I also made it in Mensual magazine so stick around for some updates....

School just ended for the year for me.. Finally lol.. So many finals I had to take, extremely tireing lol..

Now that everytihng is back to normal now and It is officially the summer, I will be able to pay alot more attention to the blog ...


PaJa said…
Ur not just the most beautiful but the most lovely person i ever seen in my life, and this is to see at ur pictures and work too,
let's go enjoy the summer!

Anonymous said…
WOOHOO Phil, that sounds great! Congrats on finishing up school for a bit and having more free time over the summer. I look forward to some nice posts over the next couple months. Thanks for the update!

RedCedar said…
So many finals I had to take, extremely tireing lol..

The heaviest study load I ever had was as an undergraduate.
PaJa said…
Sorry Phil,
I totally forget to tell u my Congratulation about the school year finish,



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