Stick around as there are more to come withing the next 24 hours

These and all kitchen photography done by Hans Fahrmeyer


Walt said…
Oh wow! The softness of these pics is really nice. The great photography aside, these pics now have my imagination running ramped. Spectacular, as usual.

Walt said…
Ok - I missed the comment about sticking around cause there will be more coming in the next 24 hours. Are you trying to keep me from going anywhere this week-end? Luckily I have a laptop so I guess I'll be carting it around until you make the other post. It always feels like an eternity between when you tell us there is more coming and when they actually arrive. Anticipation...... it can be a cruel, cruel thing (lol).

Anonymous said…
Phil all these new shots are just Amazing and such a tease (LOL) If only the camera was afew inches lower..... Ohh wait.. Did I say that out loud again!!..(Heheh)

Anyway, I agree with Walt, it feels like an eternity waiting for a new post of your Beautiful self but we are patient. By the way, the new Vista Video clips of you are just smoking hot. You simply are the Hottest guy on the planet in my opinion... Just Perfection.

Thanks for everything Phil, your loyal fans adore you.

SirPercy said…

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