Monday, May 11, 2009

This video of pictures was made by a fan


Anonymous said...

So fine...such a beauty!

Anonymous said...


I loved this video and it was so nice of one of your fans to make it to commemorate your modeling career. I only wished I had the skill to do something like this for you but alas I do not. All I can promise is that I will continue to be a Huge fan and support your career every way I can. You simply are my all time favorite and your Beauty is timeless.

Your loyal and faithful Fan

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

I'm glad you liked my clip enough to post it here.

(About a year ago, I made the same kind of thing for Leighton Stultz, and he got my YouTube account closed. So I really appreciate your appreciation.)

Dex said...

Such a great vid. It shows how great you are as a model. Both of you (yes, you Phil; and the person who made the vid) rock!

Antonio said...

wow! fantastic video Phil! congratulation for the autor.
You are a inspiracion for much artist man ;)