These are part of series by Hans Fahrmeyer


Andrew said…
How does it feel like being almost naked in front of the camera Phil? I guess with a body like that it would feel great!
Anonymous said…

This photo is smoking Hot of you in the Kitchen, I can't wait to see afew more from this line of shots by Hans. I can only imagine you have some amazing photos from this photo session. I love the look your giving also, just plain dripping with sexiness. Your the Greatest Philip!

Your Fan
Walt said…
Another great pic, as always. But that look in yours is very stern. Did someone criticize your cooking? Let me know who and I'll beat the crap out of them (lol).

Anxiously waiting for the new Hans F. series.

PaJa said…
Hey gorgeous,

Beautiful new pictures Phil!

By the way... What are we cooking tonight, may I help?

Have a wonderful day!
PHILIP said…
lol i make good food.. I like cooking too haha..

thanks alot guys :)
PaJa said…
I love cooking too, and i make amazing tasty pasta, but i could never so sexy as u!
Danny said…
Looking forward to seeing more of the set. For some reason I now have honey on my mind...

I hope you take up the offer from Bart Ruzik too. I think he'd be able to do some great atmospheric shots with you!

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