Hey Everyone

Hey everyone a little update.. I am still sick but dont want to have everyone waiting for ever. So here is a picture preview for now


Anonymous said…
Your pic always turns me on.

Hope u get better soon!
Anonymous said…
Two words Philip,

"Simply Beautiful"

Chip said…

Anonymous said…
Hey - great shots. love the technique in the out of focus head and hands to the more in focus in the crotch and pubes area. Your body looks so hot in this shot. the lack of focus just makes me feel your sexual attraction even more. the other shot is good too, but I am really impressed with the artistic quality of the water shot. I am out to get some high quality paper to print and frame. lol, Bill.
Anonymous said…

Hope you get better, Phil!

PaJa said…
I don't want to repeat every time the same, but can not else, ur pix are the top of the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get well... everybody miss u!

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