I am trying to think of some things for my wishlist

but for everyone that likes my work and site please donate something


Anonymous said…

I would love to donate something for all the hard work you put in for your fans everywhere. You work very hard for us and it should be recognized. Look for my donation on Thursday July 23th. (smiles)

Thanks for all you do for us and keep rocking the modeling world Phil.

Walt said…
Come on people. Phil's the best and his pictures are nothing short of priceless. Put your money where your mouth is. It will give you a good feeling to know you've supported with more than just your words. I did just that and it didn't hurt one bit.

Anonymous said…
Hey, how about some sexy, hot appearal here on the wish list - Bill
Anonymous said…
Something we can see you in later, sorry I didn't get the whole message done the first time. My computer is -uckin up bill

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