Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Made by a fan


ViCToR aLfOnSo said...

Hi Philip, Victor and I'm from colombia and I am the administrator blog, which is about entertainment, celebrity, and national and international news, which I have a section called the boy of the month and girl of the month, this time I decided to choose you as the new boy in July and I know I can count on your support and if you do not mind if they own some photos published in some blog entries, so if you According hope I could use some of their photos for this month ... I am also a follower of your blog is excellent and the new design is great and the pictures published are very good.

Also I want to communicate that has my unqualified support for anything and I hope that one day if it is not much bothered me for some tips and have a body like hers, as I for some time but not much noticeable results and hope it reaches too far and remember that as a model in Colombia and is a follower more friends ...

A strong hug.

James said...

I like it. I will post it on my blog! Job well done!

Anonymous said...

hey, where can I watch this show