Anonymous said…
Amazing Shots Phil!

This looked like a very fun photo shoot and I bet it was for sure.

All you need is a cape and your all set to fly around the city fighting crime :)

Always excellent in my opinion.

Anonymous said…
I still think you should develop a line of briefs or boxers with your picture on them. Like these aerial views, Bill
Anonymous said…
Hi, Philip-san,
I just came back from Hawaii yesterday. I had to meet my friends from Japan. It was too many Japanese tourists there be cause the summer vacation now.

You have got new pictures.
I like two bottom pictures. Top two are not 100% for me. Be cause the sword cover your face. It should be above your head.
I wanted you to hold the sword on your right side hand in the left bottm picture. It shuold be very powerful picture. Did he shoot different angles? i would like to see the front angle of the sword's picture.
Philip-san, your faces in the pictures are more manly face now.
And try to work more other photgraphers. You will find more of the model Philip with them.
We always love you very much.


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