Update with more to come


James said…
oh, wow, I am in fantasy land....the pubic hair leaves mystery to be explored...beautiful picture! Your work keeps getting better and better... and you hotter and hotter...keep it up.
Chip said…

Great Photos Phil!!


PaJa said…
It's just one word here for: STRONG!
Anonymous said…

What kind of magical powers must you possess to be able to continue to grow more and more beautiful with each photo I see of you. It is humanly impossible to look this Gorgeous in a photograph, yet you somehow manage to floor me yet again.

When I saw these three photos, my jaw hit the floor and I could not divert my eyes from your face and body. I know I am just rambling on here but you just took my breathe away when I saw this post.

I have always said that to me, you are by far the most Beautiful man in the world and here you just proved my point perfectly. All I can say is WOW and I stand in awe at the work you did with in this shoot.

I need to go lay down now, I feel light headed......

Your fan for life
Carlos Ortiz said…
this photographer also made you look right like michael thoms! you don't look fake and waxy like some of the other photpgrahper shoots who retouch you way too much take those others down they don't do justice to you. jade is the photpgrapher you need to have shoot over and over again he got it right. the other photpgraphers didnt so much
Anonymous said…
You are so gorgeous and so unbelivable sexy!
Aaron said…
He is so strong, and sexy. Love the hair running across his chin, so hot!!!!

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