Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just made the cover

Hey everyone.. I just made the cover of M.mensuel Magazine for sale in Europe


Franck said...

This magazine is a crap, you deserve so much better!

Andre said...

Congrats my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Phil. Looks great!I'm sure it's one of many to come in your future.

Dex said...

Congratz on becoming the cover for the magazine. The pic looks great! I like the undies that you're wearing, what brand is it?

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July! Philip-san,

Well, it is little bit early.

Yes, you made the cover. So nice to see it.
Please have a nice 4th of July weekend. Do not eat too much BBQ.
A hahahaha,,,,


Anonymous said...

Congratulation on yet another Magazine cover Philip!!

That is wonderful and I am very happy for you.


Marcel. said...

Congratulations! You looks really great!

Corey said...

Well done Phil and while not GQ it is a good one. I look forward to more shoots in the future! You Rock!

Walt said...

Phil - These pictures from M.mensuel are flying all over the web like lightning and I know why. There's never been anyone this hot on the cover (or inside) before. They're just great pictures of the best looking model on the planet. Nobody deserves it more than you do.


Anonymous said...

This is so hot, and beautiful. You really turn me on and I am a great fan. The photography is great but the subject is magnificent. Yummm!