Walt said…
There's not much you can do to improve on the beauty of nature but Michael Thomas has managed to do just that with this amazing picture. In every possible way this scene in only enhanced by Philips presence in it. How magnificent!

Anonymous said…
Philip, these shots in the wilderness are excellent. I love the new locations you have been shooting in. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said…
Just the best - it is like you are the only MAN left in the universe and you are surveying your territory, your body and dominate attitude just add to the feel of the picture
Anonymous said…
My last comment was in Japanese.
I was wondering my Japanese comment showed or not.
I just wanted to make little bit different here.

This picture?
Ofcause I like it.
But if possible I would like you to explain when, where, you had the picture shooting.
And how did you like it or you did not like the picture session.
Then we feel more close to you and your pictures.

Sorry about my poor English always.

PaJa said…
Well hello most sexy men of the world!
Andre said…
AWESOME work my friend, u'll def put the rest of us out of work...LOL...strength to strength.
Carlos Ortiz said…
michael thoms pics are great you look natural. ut the pic of you under philsspot where you just have black undewear pulled down is too retouched u dont look real!
Marcel. said…
This is one of my favorits! A beautyful picture. excellent! And a so goodlooking body!!!
Anonymous said…
This is poster material! Great photo. ~Kevin
James said…
Fantastic picture. Love the outdoors pictures! Beautiful guy in a beautiful setting! Thanks

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