Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Scott Hoover Update


Anonymous said...

Hi, Philip-san,

We are so lucky to see many beautiful pictures of yours here.
But I realized that you do not have many smile pictures here.
Is this only I am thinking?
Do not the photographers ask you to have the different expressions?
Am I asking you too much?
Be cause I am wishing you have your dream in Hollywood as soon as possible.


angloam said...

I like these - I like the old-fashioned look to them.

James said...

I love this posting ... all three pictures. The one on the sand is awesomely sexy, as is the one raising your hat!

Marcel. said...

This are really good photo shoots! I like them all.

Anonymous said...

again, I love the photos you did with Mr Hoover. He really seems to capture you in a way that stands out. You seem to shine in front of his camera! Great work!

Anonymous said...

luv this set of pics a lot. - Vince