Monday, July 6, 2009

Update 1


Anonymous said...

OMG Philip, These new photos are simply amazing!! The bit of facial hair is taking my breathe away it is so hot on you! WOW!

Love these new shots, seriously :)


GuidoMeyer said...

u should post those photos in a bigger size ... I like that lil bit of facial hair btw ... oh and - nice bulge :)

PaJa said...

Hey Phil,
Amazing as always... u changed because u was always sexy, but now ur a sexy man, the most sexy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Philip-san,

I really like the picture of farm house's. It is very natural and beautiful.
Next time I would like see the moving, actions in the pictures.
We love you very much.


Marcel. said...

These new photo's are really super!He's goodlooking and sexy! Amazing as always.

Marcel. said...

Hey Phil, You are the most sexy man!! I like you as always! Everytime you looks verry hot!! You hit me up.

Marcel. said...

Phil looks verry sexy in his swimslip. He's a beauty!

Chip said...

WOW! Philip the new photos are AWESOME. I really love the facial hair. Makes you sexier, if that is possible. Love to see more photos of you with more hair,


James said...

I love the picture on the rock, but wish it was larger! The one in the barn door is fantastic! Wish the others were larger, but thanks, they are sexy as always!

Anonymous said...

Phil: Would love to see a larger size photo of the shot of you laying on the big rock with green moss. You really look great in this series of pic. Thanks, David